Apex Sport has been making composite and carbon fiber dragon boat paddles since 2003. Every paddle is hand made in Canada by paddle craftsmen. With three different models of paddle, Apex offers a paddle for everyone from the recreational club paddler to world champions. Find out why Apex enjoys a world-wide reputation for performance and quality.

We make our own paddles in Canada and sell direct to the world. We are not distributors, agents or resellers. When you call Apex, you'll speak directly with an experienced paddle maker.

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I am very happy with my Apex Accelerator paddle. I believe it's made me a better and more comfortable paddler overall, as it is lighter and easier to control than the club's paddles.

Lisa King Ontario, Canada

We are a ‘mature’ team, so we work very hard to be able to challenge the younger teams. To assist this we invested in the Apex Accelerators and our race times have shown considerable improvement, at the Harrison Festival we won the final in our category beating five other boats. Every single member who purchased one of your paddles are 100% satisfied, the lightweight of the paddle is incredible. We look forward to additional business in the future as our society grows. Thanks again, Apex.

Robert LunnGT Dragon Boat, BC

I could feel the difference between the Apex and my original paddle. The Apex is lighter in weight and slips into water with precision. I feel the force of the water on the blade and it has increased the power of my stroke. I was skeptical about one brand of paddle being any better than another. The Apex Accelerator Paddle proved to me how exceptional a paddle can be.

Colleen Armstrong Dragonheart Vermont