Choosing the Right Length

 Let the Apex Paddle Beaver guide you in selecting the right size of paddle.

Note: These parameters have been developed with input from top paddling coaches. They are provided as a general guide only. The best way to determine the ideal size is to consult with your personal coach.



Height (Inches)

Personalize Length

Specify Arm Length

Specify Torso Length

Specfiy Boat Type

Specify Water Type

Specify Boat Position

If you regularly sit in a particular bench you should adjust for the water height at that bench.

Specify Crew Composition

If your boat is not full for most practices you may need a longer practice paddle, but a shorter racing paddle.

Specify Stroke Rate

A stroke rate of more than 75 strokes per minute is considered fast. A stroke rate of less than 60 strokes per minute is considered slow.

Stroke Set Up

Type of Grip