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Accelerator Full Carbon Fiber Paddle $299.99 The world's finest carbon fiber dragon boat paddle. Hand made in Canada.
Durablade Composite Utility Paddle $119.99 The most durable paddle in the world. 3 year warranty.
Ultimate 3 Piece Carbon Fiber $199.99 Apex carbon fiber paddle at a nice price.
Replacement Decals Required for IDBF Racing $9.99 Worn out or missing IDBF decals can be easily replaced.

Travel Bag Out of Stock Fits three paddles in a heavily padded travel bag.
Apex Paddle Bag $54.99 High quality paddle bag, holds 1-2 paddles. Apex exclusive.
Paddle Grips $29.99 Replace or upgrade the grips on your paddle.
Replacement End Caps $7.99 Replacement caps for your Accelerator handle.

Grip Tape $11.99 Self-fusing, silicone grip tape for your paddle.
Paddle Wax $9.99 Mr. Zog's Sex Wax for your paddle.
Factory Seconds $89.99 & $254.99 Save a bundle with these limited quantity blemished paddles.

Durablade Pool Composite Pool Paddle $69.99 Legendary durability with the right shape for indoor pool practice.
Carbon Shaft Carbon Fiber Shaft Stock $69.99
Lighter and Stronger Than Aluminum