Pro Team

Apex Dragon Boat paddles are available from these authorised Paddle Pros. We encourage you to patronise your pro. They will help you select the best model and size of paddle. As an alternative, we offer direct, online sales.

Kamini Jain


Kamini offers more than two decades of success as both an athlete and coach. Amoung her accomplishments:

9 years on the Canadian National Team as a sprint kayaker

11 World Cup medals and berths in two Olympic finals (2000 and 2004).

In other paddling disciplines she has enjoyed much success as a member of winning crews at the 2006 World Club Crew Dragon Boat Championships, the 2007 and 2009 World Dragon Boat Championships, the 2008 World Sprint Outrigger Championships (V-6) and top 10 positions in 4 Molokai OC-6 crossings.

Kamini's inspiration to keep competing at a high standard is, in part, to keep her on the cutting edge of coaching techniques. Kamini sees sport as a way for people to expand their boundaries, to set no limits, and to gain a sense of worth that comes from proving one's physical strength and mental discipline.

Her coaching objective is to encourage paddlers to set ambitious goals and provide them with the tools to perform their absolute best and fulfill their objectives. She has had success in this, coaching the False Creek Racing Canoe Club's Men's and Mixed Premier Dragon Boat Teams to 8 international medals since 2006. At the 2008 World Outrigger Sprints she had her debut as Canadian Coach, leading a talented team which recorded a best-ever performance with 15 medals.

Kamini is currently the head coach of the FCRCC High Performance Dragon Boat Program, coach of the 2010 Canadian Sprint Outrigger Team, coaching advisor to Abreast in a Boat and coach of Chilliwack dragon boat team, Sudden Impact Black. Kamini works with teams and individuals striving for international or more local pursuits by providing coaching, consulting, clinics or training programs.

Contact Kamini through her company website: Right Angle Performance

Scott Murray


Scott's labour of love is Alkame Dragon Boat Services, the company he founded to promote dragon boat racing. Scott is passionate about growing and developing all sports. Scott has been involved in the sport of dragon boat racing from both a racing and administrative perspective for more than a decade. He is one of the most respected and sought after dragon boat coaches in Canada.

As an ambassador for the sport, Scott was a key organiser for the highly successful National Dragon Boat Summit held in Toronto in November, 2010.

As an athlete and coach, Scott has competed at several provincial, national and international championship races including: Italy, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia & Czech Republic. Scott's greatest coaching attribute is that he puts time and effort into getting to know the specific needs of each of his athletes and provides personal and individualized feedback to each athlete in attempt to help them improve.

Contact Scott through his company website: Alkame Dragon Boat Services