Wood vs. Durablade

If it's time to replace your club paddles, or if you looking for a long lasting, every day utility paddle for yourself, consider the Apex Durablade. Made of tough, fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, the paddle is nearly indestructible. The 3 year warranty is three times longer than any other paddle on the market.

Let's compare a Wood paddle vs. the Durablade


Wood is a beautiful, natural product. It feels warm to the touch and offers a nice combination of flex and strength. However, the problem lies in durability. Dragon boat racing can be very hard on paddles. There are paddle strikes from team mates, wear from gunwale rubbing, abrasion from rocks and sand. Furthermore, when a wooden paddle's clear coat is penetrated, the wood will absorb water. The paddle will get heavier and softer and will start to split. We've all seen it.

Cracked, chipped wooden dragon boat paddle Here is what a typical wood paddle looks like after a season or two of heavy use


The blade portion of the Durablade is made from a unique thermoplastic material that is most often used in truck underbodies. It is incredibly tough - abrasion and impact resistant, weather and waterproof. Unlike wood or carbon fiber, it requires no special care. It will not absorb water, split or crack. That's why you see Durablades used by clubs and festivals. They take a lot of abuse and just keep ticking. We have Durablades that are 10 years old still in regular use.

A 10 year old Apex Durablade A 10 year old Apex Durablade

Check out this video to see how much abuse an Apex Durablade can take.

Priced at CAD$119.99. For 20 or more paddles, pay only $95.99 per paddle. Order Here